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Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Meet our Team

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Founder - Portland, OR

Public speaking had always come naturally to me, but after the pandemic, what was once my second nature, now made me nervous. I became aware that a lot of my classmates were in the same boat. I started Super Speaking seeking to allow students to amplify their own voice. There is nothing more important than listening to youth voices advocate for the issues of tomorrow and reflect on the issues of today. We cannot let public speaking stand in the way of that.

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Teen Speaker - Princeton, NJ

I think for me, I resonate a lot with the importance of teaching young kids how to speak confidently. I believe that using our voices is extremely significant in our everyday lives, whether it's academics or even just having everyday conversations. 

IMG_4870 - Heidi Wuppermann.jpg

Teen Speaker - Leadville, Colorado

As someone who has always been passionate about public speaking, I feel strongly about providing resources to students who are keen for speaking. I live in a small town where we are not given many opportunities to develop these skills. I believe it is critical to introduce such essential ideas to young kids, and begin teaching them about the wonders and importance of public speaking.

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Gabriel Kinney

Teen Speaker - Fayetteville, NC

As a Lincoln Douglas debater, public speaking is a crucial part of my life and being able to share priceless skill — public speaking — is truly an honor.

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